Welcome to in2vate for EIIA

EIIA offers a sophisticated range of insurance and risk management services solely focused on institutions of higher education. We are proud of our long-standing track record for educating institutions in managing risk, and providing unique insurance programs and services tailored to your needs. The EIIA programs start by compiling first-hand knowledge of the actual risks and challenges faced by small, private, liberal arts colleges and universities. In doing so, EIIA has become the industry model and most concentrated repository for risk management know-how for higher education.

EIIA has partnered with in2vate to assist our members in mitigating/minimizing risk exposures and litigation by providing web-based proactive and responsive risk management resources. in2vate is available 24/7 providing users with convenient, personal access to these services and training tools including:

  • Web-based training
  • Library resources
  • Web-based Sexual Misconduct Prevention library resources
  • Weekly bulletins
  • Best Practices knowledge base
  • Workplace policies and forms
  • Workplace-related links
  • Model Employee Handbook (available at an additional cost)

Need Assistance?

Contact customer service at 800-205-5262 or email the help desk.