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Business Bytes: Challenge Employees To Develop Leadership Skills

Providing high-potential employees with challenges that help them develop and grow will benefit everyone—you, your organization, and the employees themselves. Here are some worthwhile tasks to offer:
The Way Of Harmony: 4 Keys To Getting In Harmony With What Customers Want, Need, Perceive And Feel
Harmony is the goal for the customer experience. When the customer experience is harmonic, first-time customers become repeat customers, and repeat customers become loyal customers. When the experience is out of harmony, customers often defect, spread negative word-of-mouth advertising or both. Achieving harmony in the customer experience is about understanding four keys: Needs, Wants, Perspectives and Emotions. Understanding these four keys puts companies in the position to deliver the level of service customers expect and deserve, which results in customer loyalty and increased profits. This article explores the Four Keys to a Harmonic Customer Experience.

4 Things to Prepare Your Summer Camp
Spring is around the corner and summer will quickly follow. Summer youth camps may not be on your mind, but planning for upcoming camps should be. According to an American Camp Association1 report, there are an estimated 1,500,000 various camp staff positions at over 12,000 day and resident camps. How does your camp prepare for staff and volunteers working with children?