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The Secret to Delivering a Warm and Welcoming Customer Experience

A few weeks ago my daughter and I took a photography walk downtown. We saw many interesting sites, many familiar, but some new finds as well. Just as we were heading back to our car, I spotted Commercial Street. I couldn’t recall ever walking down this particular street, so we turned onto Commercial Street and continued to walk, the sun setting at our backs and deep shadows marking our path.
Do These 3 Things and You Will Build Customer Relationships and Earn Customer Loyalty
Based on the research my team and I have done, we’ve found that customer loyalty is achieved when three criteria are met.
Inspire Your Team to Success with These Habits
As a manager, you’re responsible for inspiring your team to succeed. Read on for key practices of managers who know how to motivate and energize their workforces.
Rotating Team Leaders? Answer These Questions
Rotating the leadership role on a team allows team members to develop their leadership skills.