MUSIC is a fully integrated insurance and risk management pool that was formed in 1985 to provide an insurance alternative for Missouri public schools and community colleges throughout the state. We currently have approximately 470 members, representing over 85% of the state.

Since our inception, MUSIC continues to serve the public education community with ever-expanding insurance protection for schools, colleges, staff and students. In addition to our broad insurance program, we provide loss prevention and risk management services to our members and staff to assist in preventing losses, ensuring safe campuses and providing our members with current changes in laws or regulations that impact daily activities. As a result of these programs, our members consistently outperform their peers in the frequency and severity of losses.

Since 2005, in2vate has been a valued partner with MUSIC in providing high-quality training and other risk management resources. in2vate, llc is a leader in the prevention of workplace loss and litigation, developing and delivering training programs—leveraging technology—to assist your school district in managing risk and bettering lives.

To date, in2vate has served over 25,000 distinct organizations, providing services to approximately two million end users. They merge knowledge and skills in risk management, e-learning/training design, along with creative arts and technology with a focus on preventing wrongdoing … and promoting right-doing.